2 Aug 2005

Greens bolster position in Vanuatu coalition

8:37 pm on 2 August 2005

Two independent MPs in Vanuatu have joined the Green Confederation Party in the government coalition.

Port Vila MP, Pierre Tore, and Malekula's Caleb Isaac, were formerly aligned with the Union of Moderate Parties but withdrew their support when its leader Serge Vohor was toppled from government last December.

Johnny Blades reports from Port Vila.

"Mr Tore and Mr Isaac's move brings the powerbase of Finance minister Moana Carcasses' Green party to 11 members in the 52-seat parliament."

It also further consolidates the position of the coalition government, led by the Vanuaku Pati, lifting it to 40 seats overall.

The two MPs, who declared their support for the Greens at a ceremony last night, say they must affiliate themselves to a party in order to realise their supporters' wishes.

Meanwhile, Mr Carcasses has announced his party's decision to support the leadership of current Prime Minister Ham Lini until the end of his term in 2008.