1 Aug 2005

Fiji tourism authority suggests visitors misled by poor journalism

1:32 pm on 1 August 2005

The chief executive of Fiji's Tourism Bureau, Bill Gavoka, suggests New Zealanders who have recently cancelled trips to the country have been misled by poor journalism by Television New Zealand.

Mr Gavoka says the overall impression given by the report was that there was political tension similar to that before previous coups.

He says the report gave too much credence to the view of a security officer, Vilikesa Raqio, who said he had a private protection force ready to provide security for the prime minister and the government against the Fiji military.

"Yes we're really disappointed in the reporting. That aspect about the commander being interviewed. According to the army, they were given about 21 questions, and the two they came up, wrongly portrayed the whole scenario."

Bill Gavoka