30 Jun 2005

US move to lift all military aid restrictions for Indonesia condemned

3:27 pm on 30 June 2005

An International Human Rights Organisation has condemned this week's move by the US House of Representatives to lift all restrictions on military assistance for Indonesia.

The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network has described the move as a setback, which turns a blind eye to the ongoing violations of the Indonesian military in Papua and Aceh provinces.

ETAN has been urging Congress to continue restrictions as the best way to promote human rights and democratic reform in Indonesia.

But an ETAN spokesman, John Miller, says the US administration is more keen to acknowledge perceived improvements in its relationship with Indonesia.

"I think they often just look at it as Indonesia is now a good friend and a front-line state in the war on terrorism, and it's seen as punishment that we don't reward the Indonesian military with military training and weapons that from our point of view just makes them more efficient abusers of human rights, especially in Aceh and Papua."

John Miller of ETAN.