10 Jun 2005

Joseph Kabui to be sworn in as first president of PNG's Bougainville

10:20 am on 10 June 2005

The newly-elected president of the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville, Joseph Kabui, is to be sworn in today in the former provincial capital, Arawa.

The two other members of the caretaker Cabinet, the Central Bougainville Women's representative, Magdalene Toroansi, and vice president, Joseph Watawi, from the Selau constituency, are also being sworn in.

The full inauguration of the new government is to happen in Buka next Wednesday.

Mr Kabui says he wanted to be sworn in in Arawa, because many people in the rural areas wouldn't be able to make the long trip to Buka.

"...so that is the main reason I chose Arawa because I like to give opportunities to people to at least see some parts of the ceremonies that will be taking place as part of the installation of the autonomous government."