7 Jun 2005

President elect of Bougainville considering setting up a super coalition

5:40 am on 7 June 2005

The president elect of Bougainville, Joseph Kabui, says his People's Congress Party is considering a super coalition to run the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

Mr Kabui had a resounding victory in the five person presidential race and party members took a further 14 seats in the 40 person assembly.

He says they also have backing from independents to giving them 34 votes overall.

Mr Kabui says despite this success they want to continue the conciliatory approach that developed during the long drawn out peace process, and a super coalition could be part of this.

"I believe in Bougainville we have been doing things that have been unique.This is the way we have progressed in the peace process and I think the same spirit will apply in how we will perform in the autonomous government."