1 Jun 2005

Fiji PM says bill opponents fail to understand objectives

2:35 pm on 1 June 2005

Fiji's prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, claims that the military commander, the police commissioner and the Fiji Law Society do not understand the true objectives of his Reconciliation and Unity Bill.

Radio Legend quotes Mr Qarase as saying critics of the proposed legislation are not looking at the Bill in its totality.

On strong criticism of the amnesty provisions in the Bill, Mr Qarase says granting amnesty is one way one reconciling differences.

Mr Qarase says the critics are looking at the Bill from very narrow perspectives and have failed totally to focus on its key objectives of compensation and reconciliation.

Mr Qarase has dismissed widespread criticism of the Bill saying the silent majority support it.

Meanwhile, Fiji trade unions will be meeting soon to decide whether to call for international sanctions in support of their opposition to the Bill.