27 May 2005

American Samoan man acquitted of murder admits pulling trigger

9:13 am on 27 May 2005

A man in American Samoa, Marlon Uli, who was acquitted last year on murder charges, has admitted in a deposition hearing that he actually pulled the trigger that killed Maalona Felise in 2002.

The Samoa News said Marlon Uli made the statement during a court deposition taken in February this year.

Napoleon Tavale goes on trial next month on charges stemming from the same incident for which Marlon Uli was found not guilty.

Uli said he went to Mr Felise's home in Malaeloa village in his car to confront the deceased for allegedly beating another friend.

After calling Mr Felise, Uli said his car window was halfway down "and the gun was in my hand, and then I shot it. I discharged it" adding that "it just went off."

He then reversed the car and went to pick up his male relatives.

He said, "...we were bragging like we shot up the house not knowing anybody got shot."

He also admitted that he committed a crime and he should have done time for it but the government lost the case.

He said the government didn't actually have an eyewitness that actually saw him shoot Mr Felise.

Uli can't be tried again for the murder because of the double jeopardy rule.