6 May 2005

Niue still waits on winners in two tied seats

3:35 pm on 6 May 2005

Nearly a week after Niue went to the polls, winners are still unknown in two tied seats of the 20-seat assembly.

Final scrutiny of the ballot papers in the Toi constituency has been completed and the result remains a tie.

The Chief Electoral Officer Togia Sioneholo says the winner of the Toi seat will now be found by drawing a name out of a hat, which will probably take place tomorrow.

But, Mr Sioneholo says the second recount for the sixth common roll seat has been delayed.

"We were supposed to do the recounting this morning but there has been a procedural matter that one of the parties has objected to. And, we are waiting for them now to come back to us with clarification or application to the High Court for a decision on that."

Niue's Chief Electoral Officer, Togia Sioneholo.

Preliminary results shows that the finance minister, Toke Talagi, had lost the seat by two votes but after a first check the result was reported to have been a tie.