5 May 2005

Niue recount expected before weekend

3:31 pm on 5 May 2005

The Chief Electoral Officer in Niue says he hopes to be able to declare a winner in two tied seats by the end of the week.

The result in the seat of the finance minister, Toke Talagi, has been declared a tie along with the Toi constituency seat.

Provisional results indicated Mr Talagi had lost by two votes but a re-count showed a tie between the minister and his rival, Maihetoe Hekau.

The Electoral Officer, Togia Sioneholo, says the two seats will undergo a recount as required by law when there is a tie.

"Hopefully there will be no problem during the recount, but you never know. People may challenge the particular ballot paper or any of the voters on the register or something. It depends on how the scrutineers of the candidates will respond when we go through the ballot papers."

Mr Sioneholo says if the result is still even then the winner of the seat will be found by drawing a name out of a hat.