3 May 2005

Cook Islands Party MP gets sworn in as new minister for Tourism and Culture

9:13 am on 3 May 2005

A Cook Islands Party MP, Wilkie Rasmussen, is to be being sworn in as the new minister for Tourism and Culture.

Mr Rasmussen says he'll try to keep peace within the ministries, after the former minister, Piho Rua, was criticised for an abrupt leadership style and his hasty decision-making over staff, budgets and travel overseas.

Mr Rasmussen says both the government and the public had voiced concerns about his predecessor.

"My understanding is, and my brief for the Culture portfolio, in particular, is to try and maintain peace within the ministry. He's taken some fairly drastic positions in the appointments of people and the termination of the employment of some."

Mr Rasmussen says he'll also be reviewing the selection process for the chief executive of the tourism corporation, which is currently under way.