25 Apr 2005

Fiji opposition deputy wants inquiry into Customs failure to detect dangerous goods

10:09 am on 25 April 2005

There's a call in Fiji for a commission of inquiry into how dangerous goods were smuggled in without being detected by the Customs Department.

The Sunday Times reports that stun guns, daggers and flick knives as well as large quantities of undeclared Chinese alcohol and cigarettes were seized during raids on six Asian premises in Suva on Friday.

The raids were carried out by the Customs Intelligence Unit and the Transnational Crime Unit.

The deputy opposition leader, Poseci Bune, says there should be a commission of inquiry to determine how the things uncovered in Friday's raids got through Customs in the first place.

Mr Bune says it is important to find out who was involved because it would be a matter of serious concern if a local gang colluded with these people to bring in other arms.

He says there is a need to be more vigilant in checking the credibility of Asian businesses.