12 Apr 2005

Fiji immigration clean up after so-called Mafia Queen deported

8:14 am on 12 April 2005

Fiji's immigration ministry is facing a major cleanup after the deportation of the Chinese national known as the Mafia Queen.

Yan Xiu Hua, who had been linked to prostitution rackets, money laundering and other serious organised crime, was deported last Friday after years of unsuccessful attempts because of her links to people in high places.

The minister for home affairs, Josefa Vosanibola, has told Fiji TV he wants to tighten up on the enforcement of immigration rules and border controls.

There's been serious concern in Fiji at an influx of thousands of Asians in apparent breach of immigration regulations and the links of some of them to organised crimes which have claimed many lives.

Mr Vosanibola says such people are security risks and he intends to tighten up on the issuance of visas and work permits for new immigrants, business people and students.

Mr Vosanibola says even on the street where he lives, there's been a huge influx of new Asian faces.