31 Jan 2005

NZ Pacific Business Council plans to develop links with colleagues in the region

12:25 pm on 31 January 2005

Efforts to boost two way trade in the region will be enhanced this week with a regional tour by executive members from the newly formed New Zealand Pacific Business Council.

The aims of the council include strengthening the export sector with Pacific neighbours, especially with a focus on the supply side.

However, Interim chair, Gilbert Ullrich says they would also like to incorporate some of the exiting business councils in the region, with NZPBC.

"We're actually planning to incorporate the Papua New Guinea Business Council, which is another business council in existence, in this new New Zealand Pacific Business Council, which we are putting together and we'll be putting in trade promotion into Papua New Guinea, the Samoas, Micronesia during the year."

Gilbert Ullrich says the NZPBC will also act as a unified front to make submissions or discuss concerns with Government on Pacific business issues.