27 Jan 2005

Fiji government CEOs put on notice over performance agreements

4:33 pm on 27 January 2005

The chief executive of Fiji's public service commission, Anare Jale, says government CEOs may be given a chance to improve if they are not up to standard when assessed next month.

All chief executive officers in the government have been put on notice that they could face the sack if they fail to meet their performance targets.

This follows the sacking of the chief executive of the finance ministry, Tevita Banuve, earlier this week, for failing to meet his performance targets.

Annual performance assessments are part of the agreement with CEOs since they were put on contract at the beginning of last year.

Mr Jale says those found wanting will have their contracts terminated or will be given time to improve...

"Six months after the assessment, if the commission establishes that a CEO is not performing according to the level required, then he or she will be allowed six months to bring about improvement. Failing which, the commission will then decide the course of action to take."

Anare Jale