25 Jan 2005

Investors to look at up to 200 million US dollars worth of tourism projects in the Pacific

4:32 pm on 25 January 2005

Investors will next week consider up to 200 million U.S. dollars worth of planned tourism projects from around the Pacific region that have been handpicked by the European Union.

Projects include a star gazing resort in Fiji, a health resort on a cattle farm in Samoa, a tree house eco resort in Papua New Guinea and a lodge serving organic food in Vanuatu.

A consultant for the EU, Dain Simpson says the number of projects they considered were narrowed down to 170.

"This was then submitted to a working group which was operating with the European Union in Brussels, and a number of consultants, one of whom had spent time in the Pacific and knew a lot about it, so they made a judgement on those that were well supported."

Dain Simpson says investors will also consider conservation projects, such as a new bottled water plant in Solomon Islands.

Investors will gather in Fiji to consider the projects from next Tuesday at a conference called Profit in the Pacific.