24 Jan 2005

Psychiatric examination forces further delay in Fiji coup related court martial

4:58 pm on 24 January 2005

The court martial of six Fiji soldiers charged for their involvement in the May 2000 coup has had to be adjourned again.

Radio Fiji reports the adjournment followed an application by both the defence and the prosecution.

The said they are at the preliminary stages of working out a plea bargain arrangement for four of the accused.

The prosecution has also asked the court to order one of the accused, Private Iliesa Liganivai, to undergo a psychiatric examination after he questioned the legality of the court martial.

Private Liganivai claimed that he was a Major General of the army and the president of the court martial, Colonel Kacisolomone, could not try him because he was junior in rank.

The court martial was adjourned till February 9th.