13 Jan 2005

Call for French Polynesia candidates to reveal stance on nuclear testing

10:22 am on 13 January 2005

In French Polynesia, opponents of nuclear testing are seeking the positions of political parties competing in next month's election in the Windward Islands.

The Moruroa e Tatou Association has given the candidates of seven parties a questionnaire to fill out about their position on French nuclear testing.

The president of the association, Roland Oldham, says he's sent many letters to the territorial President Gaston Flosse and Tahiti's two deputies, but hasn't received an answer.

Mr Oldham says there are victims of nuclear tests in all parties and all the candidates ought to take a clear position so that people are well-informed before going to vote.

He says no Polynesian from the territory has ever won a French court case that linked nuclear tests with an illness or death.

Tests on the Tuamotu atolls of Moruroa and Fangataufa ended in May 1996.