15 Dec 2004

Pitcairn Islanders to elect new Mayor and Council today

11:10 am on 15 December 2004

Pitcairn Islanders are voting for a new council today, including the election of a new Mayor to replace Steve Christian who was found guilty two months ago of rape.

A new head of the council's influential Internal Committee will also be elected to replace Randy Christian, who was found guilty of 4 rapes and five indecent assaults.

Since Steve Christian was sacked, his sister Brenda Christian has acted as interim Mayor to the small community of 47 - a post never before filled by a woman.

The 52 year old has spent many years off island and was one of the few residents to speak out against the behaviour of the accused men.

Jay Warren, who was acquitted of indecent assault is the one other islander standing for Mayor.

He was head of the council for 9 years in the 1990s, often working with Steve and Randy Christian who dominated the Internal committee during that time.