13 Dec 2004

Fiji's Attorney General boycotting media over coverage of row between government and military

7:47 am on 13 December 2004

Fiji's Attorney General, Qoriniaisi Bale, says he's boycotting the media because it 's fuelled the battle between the government and the military.

Mr Bale has been widely criticised since his decision to release convicted vice president Ratu Jope Seniloli just three and a half months into his four year jail sentence.

The head of the military, Commodore Frank Bainimarma, has warned the country could be rocked by another coup unless he's reined in.

Now there are calls from the Citizens Consitutional Forum for Mr Bale to be banned from practising law.

Mr Bale says the government's unimpressed by the media's response to the row.


We have been unhappy with the media. We believe the media is really just

helping to aggravate the situation further. And for that reason I have told even the local media that I don't wish to say anything more about all this.

DUR; 17

The CCF has lodged a complaint with the Fiji Law Society, saying the early release of Seniloli was corrupt and Mr Bale should be struck off the list of legal practitioners.