9 Dec 2004

Fiji senator condemns "activist' judges

10:19 am on 9 December 2004

A senator appointed by Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs says the country must be careful not to surrender the judiciary to activist judges known to pre-judge their victims before a fair trail.

The Fiji Times quotes Ratu George Cakobau as telling the Upper House that the budget allocation for the judiciary needs to be reassessed to hire psychologists to screen (mentally retarded) activist judges.

Ratu George says good governance demands that a judge accused of misbehaviour should be suspended immediately and if the allegations are proved to be true, it should be grounds for instant dismissal.

He says the display of prejudice by the judge who sentenced fellow senator Takiveikata for life for inciting mutiny as reported in the Fiji Times in late November showed the judiciary was polluted with mentally-disturbed activist judges.

Ratu George has also accused the Fiji media of using crime for their financial benefit by glamorising rape, racialising crime and misleading the world about Fiji and certain segments of its population.