18 Aug 2010

Cook Islands Opposition to focus on welfare and financial stability

2:10 pm on 18 August 2010

The vice president of the Cook Islands Party says their candidates in the November general election will campaign on the need for financial stability and better welfare support for people at the grassroots.

Mark Brown says feedback from supporters suggest they aren't happy with the mismanagement exemplified by the failed Toa fuel farm scheme, and want to see a change of government.

"Basically the voters' unhappiness with the financial mismanagment of the country and it's highlighted in recent examples like the Toagate fiasco and so forth. And the other second issue, I guess , that's really coming back from the people from the grassroots level, is the assistance that's required by people with families, with young children and also those who are looking after elderly parents."

Mark Brown, who will stand in one of the three seats in Rarotonga, says the party will continue to push for a referendum on political reform.

Three months out from the poll, he says the Cook Islands Party has already selected most of its candidates in the 24 constituencies.