22 Nov 2004

No treason charges against Fiji information minister but police file remains open

10:48 am on 22 November 2004

Australia's SBS Television has shown new footage linking Fiji's information minister, Simione Kaitani with the coup front man, George Speight.

In the footage, Mr Kaitani is seen telling a group of journalists that he was supposed to be responsible for information in the new administration.

But police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, has told Fiji TV that there is no point in investigating Mr Kaitani for treason and sedition because the statute of limitations covering those offences has already passed.

This means that charges of sedition or treason cannot be laid against the minister because the time limit has been exceeded.

But Assistant Commissioner Kevueli Bulamainaivalu has told a local newspaper that other charges could be applied in such cases and Mr Kaitani's file is still open and may go to the director of public prosecutions for further directions.