16 Nov 2004

In Fiji more details on the mutiny of 2000 emerge in the trial of Senator Takiveikata

4:29 pm on 16 November 2004

There have been more details revealed in Fiji about the senator charged with with serious mutiny related offences.

The Suva High Court has been told that Ratu Inoke Takiveikata was code-named Skipper.

Radio Legend reports that this was revealed today by a prosecution witness, Sevuloni Cakau, in the criminal trial of Ratu Inoke Takiveikata.

Mr Cakau said Takiveikata was referred to as Skipper during a conversation he had heard at Jale Kadi's house near Nausori Airport where he also heard that soldiers of the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit would seize the main military camp near Suva.

He said after the meeting he was given a letter addressed to Takiveikata which he delivered to him at his house.

Another witness, ANZ Bank officer Kamini Padarath, told the court she was given instructions by police to retrieve a cheque for the sum of $427.00 issued by the former manager of the Native Lands Trust Board, the late Maika Qarikau,

Earlier the court had been told by another state witness that Mr Qarikau had paid $427 by cheque for a rental car which was used to plan and stage the mutiny.

Takiveikata is charged with four counts of inciting and one count of aiding in the mutiny which caused eight deaths and more than 30 injuries.

He faces a maximum of life in prison if found guilty.