16 Nov 2004

French Polynesia polls expected in February

2:34 pm on 16 November 2004

The Gaston Flosse led administration in French Polynesia says it expects a by-election to be held on the territory's most populated island next February.

A ruling by the French Council of State overnight on a case brought by the Flosse administration, annulled the outcome of voting in the largest constituency of Tahiti and Moorea, citing serious irregularities.

The court found that party colours were displayed in public buildings were voting was taking place.

A spokesman for the the rival administration of Oscar Temaru, Claude Marere,

describes the decision an unrealistic.

"In every city house, in every place where we you vote, you have the colours of everybody."

A spokesman for the the Flosse administration, Jean Christophe Bouissou, says his side does not believe the court decision should lead to general elections.

We have members of the parliament, 17 of them on 20, who voted on the 23rd of May, so there is no problem over there in the islands.

The decision by the court is final and both parties are meeting today and tomorrow to discuss what their next move will be.