15 Nov 2004

Solomons taskforce expresses concern about RAMSI role

4:27 pm on 15 November 2004

The deputy chair of the Intervention Taskforce in Solomon Islands says there are still concerns about the Regional Assistance Mission a year after its arrival.

Gordon Darcy says a glowing report of RAMSI's success also cites three main areas of concern.

The first being the lack of clarity about how long RAMSI will remain in Solomon Islands.

Mr Darcy says the second concern is that the national government needs to start taking greater ownership of its departments and problems.

And he says the third, and probably most prominent, concern was the type of immunity given to RAMSI personnel.

Mr Darcy says while it is understandable that immunity was given to military and police the freedom given to the civil component of RAMSI needs to be addressed.

"Advisers that have been attached to departments are seen to be taking over the controls of legitimate authorities in the country under the constitutions who have the powers vested on them. People have expressed concerns that advisers have taken of their roles and are undermining their legitimate authority."

Gordon Darcy.