21 Oct 2004

Norfolk Island elections return chief minister, elect 21-year old and dump two long-termers

2:59 pm on 21 October 2004

Results of elections on Norfolk Island have been declared with the chief minister Geoff Gardner topping the poll.

Two thirds of the sitting members of the Legislative Assembly, were seeking re-election.

Fourteen candidates stood and the top-polling nine will govern.

The speaker David Buffett was also returned but two long-time assembly members, Chloe Nicholas and Rick Robinson were bundled out.

Spider Webb of Radio Norfolk says the election held one other big surprise - a father-and-son combination in the Assembly for the next three years.

"Timothy John Brown, who is the son of John Terence Brown, and John's been there for years, he's only 21 years of age. First time he stood and he was the last one in. Maybe the young people have voiced their opinion."

Spider Webb of Radio Norfolk