7 Oct 2004

Pitcairn court hears of alleged child groping

1:55 pm on 7 October 2004

The Pitcairn Supreme Court has been told that the fifth defendent allegedly put his hand down a 12 year old's bikini in what the Prosecution describes as a case of opportunistic groping.

It's the most minor of the 54 charges laid against seven men on Pitcairn Island.

The accused, Jay Warren, who's 48, has denied the charge of indecent assault which it's alleged took place 20 years ago.

The court was told by the alleged victim that she was swimming at Bounty Bay when the defendent came up to her, put one arm around her and the other down her bikini bottom.

She says she quickly swam off and didn't tell her parents about the incident.

The Defence suggested it never took place and questioned the woman's recall of events.