7 Oct 2004

French Polynesia assembly to vote on two censure motions

11:25 am on 7 October 2004

Two motions have been lodged in French Polynesia in a bid to vote out the government led by Oscar Temaru which was formed less than four months ago.

One motion was lodged by the opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party of Gaston Flosse, who a day earlier went on television to declare that he wouldn't take such a step but instead offered to help run the territory.

Tahoeraa politicians say their motion was signed by 29 of the territorial assembly's 57 members.

The speaker, Antony Geros, says a second motion has been filed by a new parliamentary group calling itself Te Ara which is made up of three independents and three members of the Tahoeraa.

The assembly is now due to meet within two days to vote on the challenges.

Mr Geros says the ruling coalition will now meet to see how it can counter the motions.

Should a majority back the anti-government motion, fresh presidential elections would have to be called within two weeks.

At the weekend, President Temaru accused the opposition of using mafia methods in efforts to bring down the government.