7 Oct 2004

Fifth and sixth Pitcairn hearings due to begin

11:16 am on 7 October 2004

The fifth and sixth trials in the Pitcairn sex abuse hearings were due to get under way today.

Jay Warren, who's 48, faces one charge of indecent assault, and Terry Young, who's 45, is accused of one charge of rape and 7 of indecent assault.

7 Pitcairn Island men are charged with a total of 54 sex offences, including rape and the indecent assault of a five year old.

From Pitcairn Island, Sue Ingram reports.

"The first case to be heard today - that of Jay Warren is expected to be relatively short. Terry Young faces one representative charge of rape and seven of indecent assault which includes allegations relating to a seven-year-old girl."

Each man has pleaded not guilty. By the end of today only one remaining trial will be left to open - that of the Mayor's son, 30 year old Randy Christian who faces five charges of rape and nine of indecent assault.