5 Oct 2004

Figures show high Micronesian casualty rate in Iraq war

4:13 pm on 5 October 2004

Figures show that per capita Micronesian casualties in the Iraq war are four times higher than for troops from the mainland U.S.

International reports count 1,059 American casualties from the Iraq war, five of whom are from the Western Pacific.

Guam's Pacific Daily News reports two of those casualties were from Guam, one from Saipan, another from Palau who moved to Guam and the latest, killed two weeks ago, was from the Federated States of Micronesia.

As a whole, the United States has lost one soldier per 278,000 residents.

In the Micronesia region, that number is one per 74,000.

A university of Guam associate professor, John Salas, says the sacrifices that Guam residents have made for the latest American war bring into question the relationship between the territory and their country.

Professor Salas says it shows that Micronesia is always a team player, and it leaves a question as to why the U.S. can't be more of a team player in the Pacific.