5 Oct 2004

More American Samoans leave for training ahead of Iraq deployment

2:27 pm on 5 October 2004

Tonight the remaining members of the 793rd Engineering Detachment will leave American Samoa for training before deploying to Iraq.

Yesterday, the group of more than 50, the third and final group to deploy this year, were farewelled at a community church service.

The Chief of Staff of the 9th Regional Readiness Support Command, Colonel Michael Johnson, said the 793rd engineering unit would live up to its motto, never outdone:

"I do not consider his a farewell but the first step to a safe return, we know they will do this community proud because their motto never outdone is more than just a motto but a standard of excellence."

This last group from American Samoa will join 200 troops from the 100th Battalion who have already left for training before they deploy to Iraq.