4 Oct 2004

French Polynesian president gives televised address on territory's direction

7:55 am on 4 October 2004

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has gone on television in response to what he says are the people's questions about the territory's direction.

Mr Temaru has attributed the recent defection of three of his coalition members to their impatience over expected change after the May elections.

But he is adamant that he continues to have the support of a majority in the territorial assembly.

Mr Temaru also accused the opposition's Gaston Flosse of using unscrupulous methods in a bid to oust the government which last week launched audits into the financial affairs of the former administration led by Mr Flosse.

The audits are to be completed in three months but Mr Temaru alleges that Mr Flosse wants to destabilise the government for fear of the truth being made known.

Mr Temaru's grip on power will be tested on October the 21st when the assembly next meets.