27 Sep 2004

No need for Fiji coup maker to apologise say Speight's supporters

3:49 pm on 27 September 2004

Supporters in Fiji of coup frontman George Speight say there's no need for him to apologise to the victims he held hostage for 56 days.

But Speights brother, MP Samisoni Tikonisau, says he has agreed to the move following a visit from government officials to his prison on Nukulau Island.

Officials from the Ministry of Reconciliation asked Speight to take part in a 410,000 US dollar National Week of Reconciliation and Prayer next month.

However Mr Tikonisau says Speight's supporters believe it's enough that he's serving a life sentence.

"People from this side of the spectrum, they're saying well George, you're serving your time, you've done the honourable thing, you can come out of there a free man, you owe no one an apology because the aggrieved parties have followed the process of law."

Mr Tikonisau says Speight's desire to apologise is not an attempt to gain a pardon or get his sentence reduced.