14 Sep 2004

Forum sends help to Nauru

8:23 pm on 14 September 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum has appointed Nauru's former Secretary to Cabinet, Chitra Jeremiah, as the Forum's representative on Nauru.

The 12-month appointment is the first of its kind for the Forum, which is considering various ways to assist the financially stricken nation after it requested help at last month's summit in Apia..

The Forum Secretary General, Greg Urwin, says Ms Jeremiah will help to ensure that Nauru has effective access to the Forum and related agencies.

He says it will also strengthen Nauru's relationship with other international agencies, which he expects will support Nauru's commitment to wider reforms.

Earlier this month a Forum team held talks in Nauru, with government officials and civil society, on the country's financial crisis, and possible measures to address the situation.

Consultations are underway to develop specific proposals on how the

Forum can assist.

Later this month, a Legislative Needs Assessment will be carried out

in Nauru to help identify ways the functioning of parliament can be improved.