4 Sep 2004

American Samoa power authority boss quits

8:20 am on 4 September 2004

The Executive Director of the American Samoa Power Authority has resigned.

Utu Abe Malae has quit after 17 years as the head of the territory's power, water and sewer utility, in order to concentrate on work for the Development Bank

Utu told KHJ Radio News he couldn't do justice to either the Development Bank or ASPA if he was to hold both positions as he did before with other secondments.

Utu said this time he had to choose between one or the other and he chose the Development Bank because it needs a lot more help than ASPA.

The power authority was contracted to operate the Marshalls Islands power and water utilities a few years ago.

Utu said he does not have any other plans other than just to concentrate on the bank.

He said the bank needed all the help it could get.