1 Sep 2004

Fiji lawyers warn against moves to remove vice-president from office

9:45 am on 1 September 2004

Lawyers acting for jailed Fiji vice president Seniloli have threatened to take legal action if he is replaced in his office.

RADIO LEGEND quotes defence lawyer Abhay Singh as saying that as far as they are concerned, Seniloli is still the vice president and no action should be taken until his appeal is heard by the Appeal Court.

The threat of legal action came just as the Great Council of Chiefs announced that it would hold an emergency meeting next week to discuss the vice presidency.

The council is the appointing body for the president and the vice president.

Abhay Singh says the Great Council of Chiefs should not take any steps yet to replace Seniloli.

The legal team representing Seniloli, Deputy Speaker Vakalalabure and three others has decided that they will engage a senior Queens Counsel from abroad to lead their appeal in November.

Radio Legend also reports that the annual conference of the Methodist Church has been read a letter from Seniloli and is expected to prepare a statement on his jailing for next week's meeting of the Great Council of Chiefs.