31 Aug 2004

Fiji's former prime minister wants clearance prior to posting

2:08 pm on 31 August 2004

The former Fiji prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says he will not be taking up his position as ambassador to the United States until police give him a clearance from allegations of his involvement in the 2000 coup.

Radio Legend reports that Mr Rabuka says he is still a suspect in the events of 2000 and it is only fair that this is cleared by the police or the director of public prosecutions before the government appoints him.

He says he would be the last person to want to cause his own government any embarrassment if he were to go before he is cleared.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, confirmed yesterday that Mr Rabuka is yet to be cleared of the allegations against him.

The final decision will be made by the director of public prosecutions after prosecutors have analysed Mr Rabuka's file.

Fiji's foreign affairs minister has already fowarded Mr Rabuka's name to the US State Department for approval before his appointment.