31 Aug 2004

Corruption case against former governor of Guam and others dismissed

1:24 pm on 31 August 2004

A corruption case brought against the former Governor of Guam, Carl Gutierrez, and three others, has been dismissed.

The judge in the Superior Court made the decision on the prosecution's lack of resources and its failure to present exculpatory evidence, which could point to innocence in the case.

But, Judge Richard Benson has now issued a notice saying he is reconsidering his decision to dismiss the case without prejudice.

A dismissal without prejudice would mean the attorney general's office can bring the case before a grand jury again.

The four were charged with authorizing the use of government funds for private streetlights.

Mr Gutierrez also faced a separate case last month where he was alleged to have used government resources and staff to build and repair his ranch.

He was acquitted of those charges.