27 Aug 2004

Solomons intervention mission hints at changed focus

8:40 am on 27 August 2004

The new head of the intervention force in Solomon Islands says the focus of the mission is shifting, to improving the public service.

The Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission, Jim Batley says the work of getting the public service to perform better will be the main target over the coming year.

"We have a very big agenda of work, to reform areas of the government, areas which will strengthen and improve the role of the public service, to make it more accountable, to the people that it's there to serve, to make it deliver services more quickly, and better, to the people of the country."

So I suppose in some respects our focus is shifting slightly, but we're not taking our eye off the ball.

Mr Batley says in spite of what he calls a slight shift in focus, the mission is aware that the law and order situation is vulnerable.