25 Aug 2004

Vanuatu's Opposition is adamant it can show it has a majority if Speaker allows vote.

5:19 pm on 25 August 2004

Vanuatu's Opposition says regardless of the cost, Parliament has to comply with a Supreme Court ruling and meet to debate a motion of no confidence tomorrow.

The Government says it is a costly waste of time because the motion will be taken off the agenda by its mover, Hami Lini, who last week swapped from Leader of the Opposition to the Deputy Prime Ministership.

But the Opposition Leader, Sato Kilman, rejects that.

"now we are going to try and prove that while the mover may be on the Government side, the seconder of the motion is still with the Opposition, but that both the mover and the seconder are acting on behalf of the majority of the members, and that we still have the majority of the members"