25 Aug 2004

Fiji army and police leaders warn government Senator not to threaten them

7:42 am on 25 August 2004

Fiji's military commander and police commissioner have both warned a government senator to refrain from threatening them or be ready to face the consequences.

The Daily Post says the joint caution came after Senator Apisai Tora warned Commissioner Andrew Hughes to "watch out" when speaking of indigenous Fijians who threaten violence as "domestic terrorists".

The Post quotes Mr Hughes as saying he has not branded anyone as a domestic terrorist.

Mr Hughes says what he had said was that "anyone who incites others to violence for political purposes is committing acts of domestic terrorism."

Mr Hughes says as commissioner of police he has a responsibility to maintain "law and order, and peace and stability in Fiji" and he will NOT stand idly by when that is threatened.

The military commander, Commodore Bainimarama, warned Senator Tora that he "should watch out himself and watch out for every word he speaks."

Commodore Bainimarama said Mr Tora is a government senator and he would like to know if his comments have the endorsement of the prime minister who appointed him.

The military commander said "such people should not be sitting in the Upper House."