25 Aug 2004

Cook Islands Democratic party says manifesto provides information

10:11 am on 25 August 2004

The Cook Islands ruling Democratic party says it is hopeful voters will support their detailed policy plans.

The opposition Cook Islands party has produced what it calls a covenant.

But, the Democratic Party leader, Dr Terepai Maoate, says they are the only ones to have produced a manifesto which commits them to specific aims over the next term of office.

Dr Maoate says at least people will know what they're getting.

"We are prepared to give a document outlining what we have done and outlining what we want to do. And, we consider it important to put it in the manifesto, and deliver it out to them to see that we have something that they can read. It's simple, it's short and they know what it is all about."

Dr Maoate says policies include establishing an Electoral Commission for political reform, an annual parliamentary calendar, refocussing tourism and maintaining health and education as priorities.