19 Aug 2004

Cooks power problems continue

3:37 pm on 19 August 2004

The acting chief executive officer of the Cook Islands power supplier, Kay Enoka, warns Rarotonga's power crisis will continue over the next few weeks.

Power authority Te Aponga Uira is waiting for repairs on two generators to be done, and for a back-up generator to arrive from New Zealand.

Mrs Enoka says this causes power shortages at peak times which is most day time hours and the early evening.

"The major problem is that one of our other large gen-sets has failed and its got quite a serious fault which will be some weeks before we can get it back into service. So at the moment we are not able to meet our peak electricity demand."

Kay Enoka says there are also gas shortages, making it difficult to cook food.

Most of Rarotonga lost power for eight hours on Saturday when two of the island's six generators failed, while a third was already under repair.

People are asked to conserve energy.