18 Aug 2004

French Polynesia's Evangelical Church adopts new name

10:17 am on 18 August 2004

French Polynesia's Evangelical church has decided to change its name to reflect its links to the local culture and people.

At its synod in Moorea, it has decided that it will now be known as the Protestant Maohi Church.

The church, which is the territory's main denomination, has also called for the protection of the Maohi language, pointing out that it was the Prostestant church that provided a written language.

And it has called for the removal of the cross from the territorial assembly two months after it was set up by the speaker.

The church says its placement does not support the freedom of conscience of each individual and may provoke more than appease.

It has also called on the government to remove statues in the city - according to Tahitipresse in a reference to the monument of Tahitian nationalist Pouvanaa a Oopa outside the territorial assembly.