17 Aug 2004

Tonga's Fly Niu confirms failure to apply for licence

4:30 pm on 17 August 2004

The head of Fly Niu, which is taking legal action against the Tongan government after having its operators certificate cancelled, has admitted that it didn't reapply for a renewal.

Earlier this month, the government announced only one airline could operate domestically.

The routes were granted to Peau Vava'u, which has also been known as Air Waves of Vava'u, and is partly owned by the Crown Prince Tupouto'a.

Both airlines had been providing a domestic services since June when Royal Tongan Airlines collapsed.

The Civil Aviation Department had said it received only one application Atu Finau of Fly Niu says that's correct.

"No we didn't apply. We're questioning the validity of the policy, that's basically it."

The head of Fly Niu, Atu Finau.