13 Aug 2004

Solomons advisor says inmates realise accountability for their actions

2:01 pm on 13 August 2004

The Advisor to Solomon Islands Development Trust, John Roughan, says this week's unrest at Honiara's Rove prison reflects a realisation by inmates that they are being held accountable for their actions.

An incident at the Prison on Tuesday saw about 200 inmates involved in a riot, which included issuing a petition to the police minister alleging reckless behaviour by RAMSI police - a claim denied by police.

The petition also involved various aspects relating to amnesty and calls for various pardons.

Mr Roughan, whose organisation runs restorative justice programs for inmates and police alike, says from what he has seen of the prison the conditions are satisfactory.

"I'm sure there are some elements there, but that this would cause a prison disturbance - I wouldn't want to be in prison, but a prison is not supposed to be a country club. It's beginning to seep into the consciousness of some of the prisoners that they're going to be in this kind of condition for some years to come."

John Roughan