4 Aug 2004

New Caledonian union wins strike battle

4:49 pm on 4 August 2004

Thousands of striking workers in New Caledonia have called off widescale industrial action after all their demands were met.

The strike led to a blockade of radio, television, the ports and the airport, and cut off fuel supplies.

At issue has been the continued viability of a stevedoring firm, Manutrans, that's been competing with a firm owned by a government minister.

The Union of Kanak and Exploited Workers claimed Sofrana Unilines, owned by the new Economic Affairs Minister, Didier Leroux, poached business from Manutrans, threatening 45 jobs.

A union spokesman, Pierre Chauvat, says talks lasting all night and into this morning ended in the signing of an agreement that freight would go back to Manutrans.

He says an inexperienced and right-wing Government caved in and the union got everything it wanted.

"Well, you know since last night there was no more fuel, no more petrol, no more diesel, no more gas, and the country was strangled very deeply like it hadn't been before. So pressure was building up very strongly and this pressure on the terrain probably was the factor to come to negotiations and bring things to what they were before."

The Economic Affairs Minister, Mr Leroux, says the government had no option but to back down.

He is also accusing the union of corruption and being manipulated by the country's former leader, Jacques Lafleur, for his own political interests.