26 Jul 2004

Solomon Islands Independent MP grouping denies report of opposition merger

9:03 pm on 26 July 2004

The leader of the Association of Independent Members of Parliament in Solomon Islands has denied it has plans to leave the government coalition.

Snyder Rini dismissed a report his grouping is dissatisfied with Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza and his government but admitted a couple of the independent MPs are unhappy with recent cabinet changes.

If the ten Assocation MPs were to join the Opposition it could them as many as 26 seats - a majority in the Parliament, which currently has 48 MPs after Daniel Fa'afuna was jailed and Nathaniel Waena elected governor-general.

However, Mr Rini says there no current plans to merge with the opposition...

"IN: .Ah yes that's if all my group are having the same line of thinking, but at the moment it's not. It's just one or two members, one or two ministers who are trying to do that sort of thing. I don't think it will go ahead, I mean it's not an issue here at the moment."

Snyder Rini