22 Jul 2004

Dispute in American Samoa over Manu'a flag

4:09 pm on 22 July 2004

There has been a dispute in the American Samoan legislature today over the use of the flag of Manu'a island during a ceremony last week.

Representative Vaiausia Yandall said that there is only one flag for all of American Samoa in the constitution and he queried who authorized the raising of the Manu'a flag.

Vaiausia said when the Manu'a chiefs signed the deed of cession with the United States, it this brought the two islands together to form one territory under one flag.

He said allowing a separate flag for Manu'a to be recognized and this may set the precedent for Swains island to ask for its own flag and likewise Aunuu island.

Vaiausia said it was imperative that the Fono protect the constitution and the Manu'a flag was clearly not provided in the constitution.

Manu'a Representatives Fonoti Savali and Mapu Puaopea attempted to explain the history of the Manu'a flag and said that the raising of the flag last week was only to commemorate the 100th anniversary.