21 Jul 2004

PNG ombudsman warns of constitutional breach by parliament

1:40 pm on 21 July 2004

Papua New Guinea's Chief Ombudsman says that the country's parliament is in breach of the Constitution by not sitting for the number of days it is required to do so.

The Post Courier newspaper quotes Ila Geno as saying that so far the House has only sat for 53 days instead of the 63 days required by the Constitution.

Mr Geno says the current parliamentary year commenced on July 30th 2003.

It will come to an end next week, on 29th July.

Mr Geno says even if the House sits every day until then it will still not have sat for 63 days.

He told the paper that he will make a decision next week on whether he will continue proceedings in the Supreme Court.

Mr Geno said he had already made his views known to the Prime Minister on the matter.